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Make your Party the Talk of the Town with the World’s Most Acclaimed Wine Game

August 25, 2004 -- Every WineLovers’ Challenge™ game now includes new materials for hosting a one-of-a-kind Wine Tasting Party. It’s a game format that guests enjoy because it stimulates friendly conversations focussed on the wines. It is ideal for 10 to 20 people; no wine skills are required, just a bottle of wine.

The invitation specifies the type of wine to bring; a red or white of any grape varietal from one of four producing countries and within a certain price range. At the party, players taste the wines blind, so no one knows what wine they are rating. At the same time, they assess the country, grape varietal and cost level of each wine. Also the game’s Taste & Aroma Descriptor chart they choose the category they think best describes the wine. Exchanging points of view about a wine’s attributes happen spontaneously, fostering a lively atmosphere.

A novel feature has each player reading aloud a Tips, Grapes & Trivia game card; first the question with its multiple choice answers and then, after the other players mark their score sheets, the correct answer. Questions cover a range of fascinating wine topics and trivia, some of which are sure to spark good-natured banter among your guests.

When the game finishes, the average rating for each wine is calculated. Players actually include their wine’s rating as part of their score. After the winner is declared, guests will want to compare how their wine stacked up against the highest rated as well as uncover which grape varietal, country and price range were preferred.

The original WineLovers’ Challenge™ was designed for get-togethers of 2 to 8 people to explore one wine per game. It has received accolades by wine and food writers in North America so as to now claim to be The World’s Most Acclaimed Wine Game (please see the attached pdf for a sampling of quotes). The new Party format lets more guests play and sample lots of different wines. Organizing a Party takes only minutes yet hosts can expect hearing rave reviews for days.

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