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'Vinosphere' brings wine culture into the internet. Enjoying wine with a system - a free of charge internet service offers substantial support for wine tasting and wine cellar management.

March 27, 2004--'Vinosphere' takes you through all stages of a wine tasting and thus makes it possible to provide internationally comparablecomparable wine descriptions across language boundaries.

Personal wine descriptions and cellar stocks can be managed online and facilitate the dealingdealing with the intriguing beverage wine.

Systematic online description of wine

Specific online forms were developed to register wine tastings. Descriptive terms for sight, smell/flavour, taste and general impression are offered for selection. Annoying typing is not necessary; the difficult task to find the appropriate words for smell and taste has been considerably facilitated.

The forms are available in German and English. They are available free of charge to all registered users of Vinosphere in printable form too.

Managing and comparing wine descriptions online

‘The joy at the marvellously wines of the world inspired this remarkable online service ' describes Herbert Miksits the idea behind 'Vinosphere'. The entire wine data is managed in an on-line data base. As well as standardised technical terms for wine tastings, 'Vinosphere' offers a wide range of additional information. Thus all customers can call up by mouse click an overview of the stock of theirtheir wine cellar and theirtheir tastings. Illustrative charts and summariessummaries of the personal wine descriptions allow an impressive survey of the characteristics of individual wines. The development of the wines of a certain vintage can be followed over years. Exciting will be the worldwide comparison of one's own wine evaluations with those of other wine lovers.

'Vinosphere' incorporates all worldwide registered tastings of a wine into an overall characteristic.

These services train the appreciation of the facets and complexity of wines and help to improve the perception of smell and taste.

Tasting guide - dedicated to the individual senses

A small online brochure makes you familiar with the terms of a wine tasting and accompanies wine lovers step by step through the tasting. The guide provides valuable information about the use of our senses during a tasting. It explains old and new findings on the topic of tasting in a hands-on and exemplary way.

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