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“Wine Fundamentals” A New DVD, Everything You Need To Know From A To Z…

May 22, 2004 -- MVC Productions has just released a state-of-the-art interactive wine DVD entitled “Wine Fundamentals” ($24.95). Created by award-winning producer/director Dr. Dobri Kiprov, this consumer-friendly DVD is the most comprehensive on wine in the marketplace and includes practical information introducing wine to novices and devotees alike.

Growing up with a European’s love of wine, Dr. Kiprov wanted to share his passion for wine and to demystify the aura that surrounds it. His approach for “Wine Fundamentals” is that wine should be enjoyed, not revered or cherished and presents the essential information in an entertaining and easy to understand format. Co-producer Sean Cope states, “We wanted to create a user-friendly DVD that employs useful and engaging information utilizing the latest film making technologies.

Drawing from some of the industry’s top food and wine professionals, the DVD is hosted by John Champion. With interspersed quotes from kings to philosopher, the Bible and artists, this colorful and well-produced DVD employs expansive camerawork and graphics. Beginning with the background information n the history of wine, “Wine Fundamentals” leads viewers through well-known and emerging wine growing regions internationally.

Flavor or Taste? Or Both? Discussing world-class varieties and lesser-known ones, noted experts Master of Wine Tim Hanni, Wine Spectator’s “Winemaker of the Year” John Richburg and Sommelier Rom Toulon, share their knowledge and insights in an easy to follow manner. Many of the topics presented are a first to be offered in the DVD format. Proper wine tasting, deciphering often confusing wine labels, the concept of anchor wines, wine production and a “how to” order and purchase your favorite wines are all presented in a documentary-style journey. The viewer also learns the secrets of balancing food to match any wine and which wines they are genetically predisposed to enjoy. Other segments include serving, storing wine as well as pairing of wine with food.

A special feature of “Wine Fundamentals” highlights Dr. Keith Marton, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Legacy Health System. An expert on wine and health, Dr. Marton gives pertinent facts about the chemistry of wine and addresses the relationship between wine drinking and personal health. Using a “J” curve analogy, he gives guidelines for receiving the optimal benefit from wine consumption.

Other features include making wine; quick tips in ordering wine in restaurants; downloadable wine-friendly recipes; a progressive wine list; wine web links; and, a pocket card that lists anchor wines.

Navigating the world of wine can be confusing and intimidating for the novice. “Wine Fundamentals” will make wine quick experts of viewers and in the process, teach an appreciation for this ancient and enjoyable beverage.

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