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Host a One-of-a-Kind Wine Tasting Party

July 19, 2004 -- Now, WineLovers’ Challenge™ has a new way to play that is sure to add fun to any wine tasting. By turning your event into a game using some easy-to-do WineLovers’ Challenge™ twists, you can be sure to win rave reviews from your guests. Every game shipped now includes our exclusive materials and instructions for hosting a WineLovers’ Tasting Party for 10 to 20 friends.

For starters there is a master invitation on which the host specifies exactly the kind of wine the guests should bring; either a red or a white from one of four producing countries and within a certain price range. Guests are told it can be of any grape varietal but to pick a wine they think the other players will appreciate since points are earned on how the group rates it.

During tastings, players mark their score sheets their assessments on some wine appreciation parameters. First off they rate the wine on a scale from 1 to 10 using WineLovers’ Challenge™ guidelines. Then players judge its country of origin, cost and grape varietal. As a subjective assessment, players are asked to choose a Taste & Aroma Descriptor for each wine using categories highlighted on the WineLovers’ Challenge™ chart. Since the wine bottles are wrapped in paper and numbered, no one knows which or whose wine they are assessing.

Another unusual WineLovers’ Challenge Tasting Party feature is the inclusion of wine knowledge. Each player is given a Tips, Grapes & Trivia card from the game. During the party, everyone reads his or her question along with its multiple choice answers. Topics cover everything from winemaking practices to wine events around the world to wine trivia. For example, players are asked about dialogue from movies as well contemporary hit songs and golden oldies where there is a reference to wine. Questions or answers may well stimulate lighthearted banter between your guests.

Near the end of the Party, players add together three scores i) how the wine they brought was rated ii) the points they earned on tasting assessments and iii) the number of right answers on the knowledge questions. Once the winner is declared, it’s time to take off each wine’s wrapper and see which brands, countries, grape varietals and price range were most highly rated. Results are sure to be interesting and likely have some surprises. Early feedback on hosting a WineLovers’ Tasting Party has been positive, for example Jeff Bowes of Ellicottville, New York said it is "great for a party, a fun way to enjoy and try some new wines".

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