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International Wine Club Helps The Next Generation Appreciate Wine

Santa Rosa, CA April 15, 2004 -- The newest core group of wine drinkers-dubbed the Millennials-are eager to learn about and drink fine wine. According to Scarborough Research, this group of 21-27 year olds is more willing to pay for premium wine than their parents. How are they feeding this thirst for knowledge and finding the fine wines they are looking for?    

Club Spectrum (, an international wine club based in Northern California, hand selects two bottles of fine wine to send to their club members each month. The secret to their success? ‘We are headed by a Millennial’ says Sara Ysunza, Wine Club Manager. ‘We go out of our way to find the perfect combination of wines to send to our members every month. We don’t just find a good deal and ship it out, there is a very specific process we go through and sometimes taste up to two cases of wine before we find the right match.’

According to twenty-six year old Ysunza, their club members don’t follow the stereotype of drinking sweet pink wine. They crave full-bodied Cabernets and complex Chardonnay. ‘We wouldn’t even dream of sending a White Zin!’

Millennials don’t just want to drink wine, they also want to talk about it. ‘Wine has been made into this complex beast that people are afraid to talk about because they think they will say something wrong. We aim to demystify wine so people can enjoy it for what it is.’ says Ysunza. To help educate their members, Club Spectrum sends out a monthly newsletter containing tasting notes, recipes, and wine facts. Also included is a question & answer section where members are encouraged to inquire about how to store wine, how to serve it or whatever else is on their mind.

As a bonus, the first club shipment includes an album to house the monthly newsletter with a section for personal tasting notes. Club Spectrum members also receive 10% to 33% discounts on re-orders. There is a red, white, and mixed wine club to choose from at a cost of $25-$35/mo plus $10 for shipping. Members who sign up on-line receive a bonus bottle of wine with their first shipment at no extra cost. Visit for more information.

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