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The Wine Clip: New Product Ages Wine in an Instant!

(Bethpage, NY November 17, 2003) The Wine Clip is a new product that uses the principles of physics to treat wine as it is being poured. The action of the wine passing through a specifically designed magnetic field, some of the most powerful permanent magnets available, disperses natural tannins and other impurities. The result is an improved bouquet and a smoother, more refined taste that is unmistakable. It is as if the wine has been aged several years in an instant! The Wine Clips brushed aluminum looking finish makes it a sleek, contemporary item that would be a welcome addition to any bar set. Its simple to use just clip it to the neck of the bottle, pour and enjoy!

How Does it Work?
The Wine Clip was developed by individuals who have years of experience running a full-scale magnet manufacturing and development organization. One of the largest applications is the use of magnets to treat fluids mostly water and fuel in Industrial settings. The Wine Clip was born when they took the same principles that had worked so well for out industrial customers and applied them to wine. The Wine Clip uses the principles of physics to treat the wine while it is flowing out of the bottle during pouring process. There is absolutely no chemical difference in the wine after treatment nothing is introduced to it or taken away from it. It is the physical change that takes place in the wine that accounts for the change in flavor and bouquet.

The Wine Clip: Makes a Good Holiday Gift
The Wine Clip is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys wine or for the person who has everything. Its new, its innovative, and it works! The Wine Clip is $49.95 and is available for purchase through the website ( or by calling their headquarters at (516) 576-9480.

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