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GREEK WINE INDUSTRY RECEIVES MUCH-NEEDED BOOST., a marketing services provider for the Greek wine industry, today announces the official debut of its web site. "Our mission", says founder Nick Cobb, "is to provide the most comprehensive information anywhere about Greek wine. Accurate documentation of the revolution in winemaking in Greece is long overdue."

In ancient times, according to Cobb, Greece played a crucial role in the development of the wine culture of Europe. Nearly two thousand years of foreign occupation took a toll on her fortunes, yet many of Greece's rich viticultural resources remain intact. Sadly, during the 1960s retsina came to dominate all associations with Greek wine. But retsina was only one side of the story. Now, armed with an ocean of indigenous cultivars, a superior climate for grape growing, and an abundance of brainpower and technological resources, Greece's wine industry has become a dynamic synthesis of tradition and innovation.

This focus on winemaking has come at the expense of public relations. Operating without a national wine promotion program, Greece's producers have been unable to shake a stigma about the quality of their wines. Until now there has been little information to counter the view that wines of quality cannot be produced in the country. In certain markets, such as America, reliance on ethnic distribution systems has further isolated Greek products from the mainstream.

The web site is designed to provide visitors of varying levels of wine knowledge a clear view of the Greek wine industry today. The web site includes: profiles of Greece’s top winemakers, information about Greece’s wine history, regions, appellations and unique grape varieties, a wine reviews area where amateurs and professionals can share descriptions of wines they have tasted, forums, hundreds of photographs illustrating Greece's wine culture, and a wine locator database designed to help consumers find products they read about on the site.

Future plans for the site include a travel section intended to highlight Greece's increasing opportunities for wine tourism and a food section focused on the country's rich, but little understood, culinary traditions.

A web-based consultancy, connects Greek producers with consumers, the wine trade and the wine media. The company provides a variety of services designed to help winemakers in their efforts to be taken seriously in foreign markets and to support importers, distributors, retailers and restaurants that sell Greek wines.

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